OUTLAW- the movie
How it all Started:

Following the 1978 season, Vernon Hutchins resigned at Arkadelphia High and was replaced by an intense, wiry assistant coach from the University of Central Arkansas with the memorable name of Outlaw.  At age 26, in his first head coaching job, John Outlaw produced a state championship team.  This is a story of a man who rose from adversity and became a three time state champion in two states.


John Outlaw was a magician when it came to leading youth sports players.​​

“If I’ve done anything right in my life, I’ve used the gift God gave me, and that is to serve others.”

​-Coach John Outlaw

About the Coach:

Coach Outlaw was a man who loved deeply.He had a passion for helping children overcome life's adversities, just as he had overcome his own.  From his humble beginnings in Ozark, Arkansas to his life in Texas, Coach always remembered where he came from.  His influence can be felt in America's boardrooms as well as on the NFL field, but most importantly within the lives of the children he has touched.

"You can always improve on something and we’re trying to do that."

-Coach John Outlaw

With the suit that his brother bought him, John Outlaw went on an interview for the head coaching job in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. John was given an opportunity of a lifetime and what he did with that opportunity was take full advantage of it. By the time he left Arkansas, John had produced two state championship teams and received the states first USA Today national ranking in 1987. John then came down to Texas to master the art of coaching, by winning it all again. He had an astounding 303-87-3 record.

​“It's all about the children.”

-Coach John Outlaw