We started work on the film in the summer of 2012. Our work took us all over Texas and Arkansas.  We have interviewed Outlaw's former high school coaches, his college roommates, former players who are now in the NFL, a Division I Athletics director, and the children whom he coached last.

The Film:

"When we set out to make a documentary about a coach of this caliber, we knew we had a daunting task in capturing the essence of something so powerful and special. To find that message and transcribe it to film, to try to catch even the slightest piece of what remains was our duty, and our calling.This film is for all the children that will never have the chance to be coached by John Outlaw "

Director, Matt Skinner

The Story:

"Outlaw" is the story of high school football coaching legend John Outlaw. From humble beginnings, this man rose to become synonymous with high school football in America. But he was much more than a coach. John Outlaw’s passion for football was matched by the consideration he showed his players and coaches. It wasn’t just about winning to Coach, people mattered and they knew it. His legacy goes far beyond the field.  Follow his team and understudy Coach Quick on this magical journey.

"Do more for others than you expect from them" 

-Coach John Outlaw

Filmmaker Matt Skinner explores the life and influence of Coach John Outlaw in a way that "Coach" would've been proud. Skinner tells the story through those who will never forget what Outlaw meant to them. Viewers will gain an insight into why, under the lights on Friday nights in Texas, the high school football field is hallowed ground. And they will see how a town and team struggle to recover when their iconic pillar, Coach Outlaw, is stricken down. As Coach is laid to rest, Skinner captures the pain his team and coaching staff feel as they move on to the next season without their mentor.

"I tell them if you live for as long as I have with the name Outlaw, you’re not afraid."

-Coach John Outlaw

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